The Sculpture Garden of Native Science and Learning is a place to study a knowledge system at the leading edges of the humanly knowable


The Garden uses multi-media sculpture and art to communicate Native Science establishing a living 3-dimensional library to advance the study of Native Science.

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A 21st-Century Science in relationship with the
Natural Laws of Interdependence


There is a critical need for a 21st century science that is in genuine coherent relationship with the natural world.   Western science is couched in terms of mathematical and mechanistic theories, and hypothetical, deductive and experimental methodology.  The bodies of knowledge held by the Indigenous peoples of the Earth share many of the same principles and employ the precision and rigor associated with western science but they are embedded in a study of the whole and include a social and human context. What unimagined possibilities for new learning exist in the notion of bringing these two worldviews into an ethical, respectful, productive relationship.

The Sculpture Garden of Native Science and Learning continues the work of the Native American Academy and others to broaden the contemporary concept of science and education  to include  systems of knowledge that are attuned to the interdependencies of a relational universe. 

The existence of the Garden will provide a forum for Ceremonial Dialogue; conversations with Western scientists policy makers, educators and thinkers that create a space for generative change and finds creative potential in our differences. Such communication opens possibilities for significant innovation, societal benefit and an authentic reconciliation between native and western worldviews. 

Tule boat by the Esteban family

Tule boat by the Esteban family

Sculpture by Robin Rorick

Sculpture by Robin Rorick


To fulfill our obligation to future generations to preserve and protect Indigenous Knowledge systems which are a legacy held collectively by Indigenous peoples across the globe.

∞ Establish a place dedicated to the study of Native Science that through its existence and programs places Native Science in its rightful place of respect, relevancy and value in the global effort to aid the Earth in her renewal.

∞ Cultivate and strengthen the capacities and skills necessary for ethical, principled leadership through education programs and activities that follow and sustain the values, traditions, philosophies and protocols of the indigenous learning process.

∞ Address the education dropout and suicide rate among American Indian and Alaska Natives by providing  educational experiences that reflect their worldview, and learning processes and restore their sense of belonging. 

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∞ Further the reconciliation between Native and Western Science in service to the restoration and renewal of the Earth

…To communicate Indigenous scientific knowledge through art in an earth garden is more than a form of expression, it is a portal to a place of study of an animate universe in which all is related…

Film produced by the Native American Academy © 2012 Produced, Directed, and Edited by Rose Thater-Imai and Melissa K. Nelson.

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“Sculpture Garden of Native Science and Learning”
in Tuscarora language:

Uhéhneh  Ękwehę':we

U'nehyah rę́ hc reh


Kayęnarihętya' ti

Supporting the renewal of the conditions that allow life on Earth

with support from

The Full Circle Fund

Kalliopeia Foundation

Betty and Gordon Moore Foundation

Pawanka Fund (Indigenous Ways of Knowing and Learning Fund)


Sculpture Garden design + drawings - Nomadic Organics

Sculpture - Robin Rorick

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